WiFi cooldown temperature logger
Blast chiller temperature logging

Blastchiller WiFi temperature logger

Automatic temperature documentation for Blastchiller

Areas of application:


Insertion sensor for measuring core temperature EAN: 5712860220140


Logging and documentation of food cooldown ec. in a blast chiller

This unit is used together with the insertion sensor. It will log the temperature for every 15 minutes until the food’s temperature is down to below 8 °C or within three hours (Data adjustable).  

When the process is started, you will be able to select 1 of 25 predefined texts to be written on the documentation. 
You will get a message on e-mail or SMS/TXT as soon as the temperature is below the defined temperature or if the time of three hours is up. 
Log and documentation are saved on the server for five years.

Technical Data


WiFi unit radio

WiFi: 2,4GHz 802.11 b/g/n 20MHZ 11n/13n


WEP, WPA,WPA2 Personal


3,6V (Changeable)


142 grams

IP Rating



105 mm * 45 mm * 45 mm

Interval to cloud server

Every 3 minutes to 24 hours