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ThermIT products are now used in 11 countries worldwide: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, United Arab Emirates, and Mauritius.

What our customers say



We have chosen to work with ThermIT, as food safety is, of course, our highest priority. The guests' well-being is crucial, and therefore, it is essential for us that we closely monitor the temperature in our cold room and freezer room, even at the hours we are not at work. We will receive a notification as soon as there is the slightest irregularity in the temperatures specified by the regulations. This allows us to react quickly, thus avoiding food becoming bad. That we can also manage to save raw materials for a lot of money means that the collaboration with ThermIT is the right decision for us.
Ole Søndergård
Bone's, Frederikshavn
Spirit Air Cargo CPH Airport uses ThermIT temperature logs throughout their Warehouse. This applies to both storage freezers and cold rooms as well as the Warehouse area in general. Spirit Air Cargo has been a loyal customer of ThermIT since the beginning of 2018. Spirit Air Cargo also uses ThermIT's automatic control/calibration method to check and document the sensors' stability once a year. We use a DANAK accredited sensor, which is just one of the ThermIT solution functions that save us a lot of money by not having external help from outside to control the sensors.
Britta Laursen
Spirit Air Cargo
It gives us security and saves extra work to use ThermITs products in our frost and cold storage. ThermIT is always available with good service.
Henrik Blohm
Danish Crown Foods
I am thrilled to use ThermITs wireless temperature monitoring in Daglibrugsen in Hou. With their smart and straightforward system, I have the opportunity on my smartphone and computer to follow the temperature of food in the fridge and freezer. If the temperature gets outside the stipulated and legal, I get a text message warning to react before it is too late. At the same time, the system makes and saves all measurements for use by the food authorities' inspection visits. It is vital for the customers and us to control food safety, and I feel that we have with ThermITs temperature monitoring in the store.
Jens Møller Poulsen
Dagli´Brugsen, Odder

Teatercaféen Hos Uffe