Temperature logging and monitoring during transportation

Temperature logging of sensitive goods or animal transportation

Online temperature log

Are you a supplier of temperature-sensitive goods to the retail industry, or do you transport temperature-sensitive medicine and other medicine clinical material? Then ThermIT has the solution for you.

Our WiFi + Log is a temperature logger that can be placed in your storage room in the car and logs the temperature down to every 15 minutes. 

You can get real-time data up to our servers if you have a WiFi hotspot on your phone or install a GSM WiFi module in your vehicle. If you do not have WiFi in the vehicle, the temperature is logged and data is uploaded automatically as soon as WiFi + Log meeting a known WiFi network.

Temperature logging kit for transport
Temperature logger for goods transport


ThermIT WiFi+Log unit (-35°C to +80°C) 

Offline temperature log

The WiFi+Log logger, it will upload data default every hour while driving or you can set it to interval every 15 minutes for uploading data to the servers. The device simply needs to be connected to 12V power from the car battery or from the cigar socket.

QR code label can be included for quick reading of the latest 6 measured temperatures with the Mobile 

Save the document and send an SMS with it directly to the customer as documentation.

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