About ThermIT

Company history and values

ThermIT aims to

make self-regulation as easy and automatic as possible for our customers. As a bonus ThermIT enables energy savings due to the possibility of optimising temperatures in the cooling and freezing units when they are being monitored. ThermIT collects and logs the temperature automatically 24/7

Our mission

By continuous and automatic data collection, ThermIT ensures that our customers are warned if the temperature deviates from its normal behavior. By keeping optimal temperatures our customers are assured against avoidable loss of perishable products. By proper storage, the risk of either selling or serving spoiled food is minimized. We can also help the customers be sure to have correct temperatures in their units to save on energy consumption.

ThermIT is a danish quality product, and we deliver our products through a network of dealers and distributors.



The Idea

Ivan Hansen and Jørgen Jensen (previous owner) invented the concept behind ThermIT on their way home from a customer visit to one of the largest oil companies. They had discussed that many petrol stations are fined because of a lack of self-regulation about temperature monitoring. 

While they already had provided and ERP back-office system to the petrol industry, they saw an opportunity to help their customers with temperature monitoring.

  • After five minutes, the situation was clear:
  • The solution had to be wireless and in no need of maintenance.
  • There shouldn’t be any costs regarding installation.
  • It shouldn’t be necessary to install any local hardware.
  • The data should be accessible in the Cloud 24/7 for five years.

Ivan and his colleague Kenneth F. Christensen, a software engineer, developed the concept and gradually managed to produce the product known as ThermIT. 

ThermIT continues to develop both new modern Cloud-based software and hardware within the IoT technology.

Our history

  • 2019 - Management buyout of ThermIT ApS
    ThermIT are changing ownership. Team-Lindgren ApS a family owned company owned by Ivan Lindgren Hansen, Steffen Lindgren Hansen and Jeanette Lindgren Hansen has bought out previous owners, so ThermIT ApS are now owned 100% by Team-Lindgren ApS. And at the same time ThermIT moved to new Address. At the same time Ivan Lindgren Hansen is new CEO in ThermIT ApS and Steffen Lindgren Hansen is the Chief Logistic Officer.
    January, 1, 2019
  • 2018 - Reseller in Dubai
    ThermIT agrees with TSSC, Dubai. (Kitchen and Laundry Equipment Trading LLC) as value-added Reseller for the UAE Area. The agreement has the purpose of stepping up the sale in the Dubai area where a lot of new Hotels are build and should be finished before the World Export exhibition 2020.
  • 2013 - Reseller ViboCold
    ThermIT has been looking for a dealer in Denmark, a dealer with a punch in the sale of refrigerators and freezer furniture, and ViboCold has it. Therefore, it would be natural to make an agreement with ViboCold so that they could sell ThermIT products to existing and new customers in need of monitoring and logging of temperatures in refrigeration and freezing units.
  • 2013 - Reseller Oluf Brønnum & Co A/S
    ThermIT has agreed with Oluf Brønnum & Co A / S. Kitchen, Canteen, and Commercial Kitchen supplier. This agreement means that ThermIT is represented by more than 30 salespeople who visit customer groups all over Denmark and some of ThermIT's target groups.
  • 2012 - ThermIT and Anticimex
    ThermIT enters into an agreement with Anticimex for the delivery of our products as a supplement to Anticimex's self-regulation program. The arrangement is valid for Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. More than 300 Customers in Sweden and Norway was lucky to get ThermIT.
  • 2009 -ThermIT Founded
    ThermIT ApS was founded in 2009 in Hjørring, Denmark. The first complete system; “GSM Modem” and “Wireless Sensors,” was launched in July 2009 The development of the wireless temperature monitoring system and the following web portal had started two years earlier. The first systems were launched in the summer of 2009, and only on the Danish market. It did not take long before the first service stations and other customers joined, including Lalandia in Billund, Tulip Inventoriet Center, and a few pharmacies in Denmark.

A sustainable profile

You can read more about sustainability, as one of our core values in the sustainability report.