Temperature monitoring kitchen

Refrigeration and freezing
as well as the production of food and goods receipt

Temperature monitoring and logging

If you are responsible for self-control and food safety in your kitchen, you can use ThermITs digital wireless electronic temperature logging system.

Suppose you have, e.g., two walk-in coldrooms, and four refrigerators in your kitchen. In that case, you will need two Digital wireless temperature sensors with a long antenna and three Digital wireless temperature sensors with shorter antennas and some holders.

To get the sensor signals up in the cloud to the servers so you can follow and see the temperatures, you also need a GSM Main Module (Gateway) 

Starter packet
WiFi cooldown temperature logger
Blast cooler temperature logging

Blast cooler
- food production

If you are responsible for documenting cooling during food production, you can buy ThermIT’s cooldown logger.

The device is a WiFi device that must be connected to your WiFi network

The unit has a plug-in insertionsensor, and when you 

  • Put the sensor in the item and it will show the core temperature 
  • Press the start button, 
  • You get the option to select one of 25 predefined texts, and the temperature is logged every 15 minutes.

When the cooling temperature has been reached, documentation is created automatically, and you are notified by EMAIL or via SMS whether the cooling has gone OK or NOT. The documentation of the cooling is saved as a report in the system on the server for five years.


Single Measurement logging

If you need to document temperatures regarding hot food in your buffet, or when you receive temperature sensitive goods, you can use ThermIT’s WiFi + One logger to your advantage during production or when receiving goods.

The unit has an insertion sensor that is to bee inserted into the item to be measured. 

  • You wait 10 seconds and 
  • Then press the button for measurement. 
  • You can now select one of 25 predefined texts. 

The measured temperature is saved in a document on the server in at least five year. The document can bee printed at any time.

Single Temperature Measurement logger
Single temperature measurement food production