& logging

24/7 (-35ºC to +85ºC)


GSM or WiFi gateway and X numbers of wireless sensors with long or short antenna

Field of application

Startpakke uden baggrund SORTE SENSORER
WiFi cooldown temperature logger

Cool-down logging

Monitoring of core temperature during cooling

Place the insertion sensor in the food and press the button on the unit. The temperature is now measured and logged every 15 minute. After three hours or when the temperature drops below 8°C, the measuring process is interrupted, (adjustable interval) and a message is sent. A report of the process is generated  utomatically and saved on the cloud server.


WiFi gateway and insertion sensor (-50 ºC to +150 ºC).

Field of application

Single logging

Logging and documentation
of core temperature

One-time measurements with documentation usually are done at goods reception and self-inspection of food at production, sausage dishes, pizza dishes and other heated food before serving. Every measurement is stored automatically on the cloud server.


WiFi gateway and insertion sensor (-50 ºC to +150 ºC)

Field of application

Single Temperature Measurement logger

Digital logging during transport

Temperature logging during transport of food and medicine

Real time temperature logging to cloud server via sensor.


WiFi gateway with sensor (-35 ºC to + 80 ºC)

Field of application

Heat retention

Food buffet temperature monitoring

Buffet, preparation of food, dishwasher rinse water, etc. The potential for temperature monitoring every one minute with display for immediate access to the temperature before logging the data to the cloud server.


WiFi gateway and insertion sensor (-50 ºC to + 150 ºC).

Field of application


Low temperature monitoring

Monitoring and logging for extreme cold or hot temperatures

This system is for special freezers, normal in the temperature area of -80ºC. The system is able to log every five minute. It is also usable for very hot air flow, which can reach up to +200ºC.


GSM Gateway and external wired sensors (-200 ºC to +200 ºC).

Field of application

GSM Relay

Relay for external monitoring

This relay is usable for external monitoring, e.g a voice modem, lamps, sirens or when you want to have your warnings through your intelligent building management system.


GSM Gateway with eight relays built-in.

Field of application


An interactive dashboard on iPad and mobile devices, easy registration of events, push the icon on the screen, and the comment will pop up.

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