COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Official information to our customers

General information

The Coronavirus has the official status as a pandemic, and of course, we are obligated to follow the government’s guidelines. It is a task for the whole community to contain the spread of the virus. At ThermIT, we have worked on a set of guidelines for how we ourselves can prevent the virus from spreading while working.  

Customer visiting employees

Logistics center & operations

 Our logistics center will work as usual, and we do not expect any noteworthy disturbances in the daily operations. However, this requires that we know beforehand that we will be welcome at the customer and not drive in vain if a service is to be performed.
Our storage has just been restocked, so we have all components available and will deliver in the time to come.

Service team

Our service team will serve our customers in the best possible way, given the current situation we all are in. All our technicians are instructed carefully to show the necessary caution when on a service visit. They will, for example, all wear single-use gloves during a visit. Our service hotline will still be active, even though some of our employees will work from home. Nonetheless, it will be possible to contact us as usual.

Intern employees

We try only to have 3 to 6 employees working at the office at the same time—engineers and accounting members are working from home.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

Mail: [email protected], or by phone +45 7026 6662

Yours sincerely,
ThermIT ApS