We believe in sustainability

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and operations

"We always work with great respect for the environment"
Ivan Lindgren Hansen

Our sensors
are reusable

We do a lot in order to use recyclable materials in our sensors. This also means that no dangerous toxins are found in our sensors as they are made from a food-safe material (HDPE).

We buy the customers used sensors

We like to go the extra mile for our customers and the invironment . This means, that we buy back used battery drained sensors, when the customers buy new sensors. We want to reuse and recyrcle the old sensors and the internal lithium batteries that comes with our sensors to ensure, that they will be properly destroyed.

We save water

Through production of our sensors we do not use any water. We do not wish to use the world’s limited resources unless really necessary. This way of thinking is used throughout all aspects of our business.

Sustainable development goals report

Here you can find and download the report defining our values, and development goals