Temperature monitoring
and logging

Digital self-regulation with wireless temperature monitoring system.

We serve a wide variety of industries

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Refrigeration and freezing as well as production of food and goods receipt


Refrigerator and freezer, container and goods receipt


Fridge and freezer as well as hot food reception and delivery


Medicine storage and transportation of medicines


Medicine room, incubator and freezer down to -250 ° C.


Temperature sensitive items and Animal transportation

ThermIT products

are developed for clients who produce and handle temperature-sensitive goods. Customers handling self-regulation and control in food and medicine industries may have difficulties monitoring their portfolios and maintaining standards according health and security policies.

ThermIT offers wireless solutions for logging and monitoring temperatures 24/7. All the data is saved in cloud storage. Local software installation is thus not needed.

ThermIT is a comprehensive system that is quick to use and easy to customize.

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Features and Benefits
with ThermIT products

Direct access to temperature data 24/7/365 from ThermIT´s web portal or via the ThermIT mobile app for Android and iOS and direct access to data by API interface, all included in a subscription agreement.

We have more than 1500 installations with more than 8.000 sensors installed in cooling and freezer units.

Data storage in the cloud for five years

We focus purely on facilitating operations and put a high emphasis on security.
The data is stored for up to five years in the cloud

Easy access to webportal and app on different devices

Access to data is made through ThermIT's web portal, via computer Webbrowser, iPad, or via ThermIT's Mobile App. Therefore, it is not necessary to install any local software and thus no maintenance of same

save time for employees

Automatic data logging saves employers time, and measurements are not forgotten

Prevent food waste

Optimization of food safety because alarms are sent if something should go wrong with the temperatures in refrigeration or freezing units means less food waste and no bad food in storage

optimize energy consumption

Optimization of the company's energy consumption in freezers and coolers. Too low temperatures cost between 3 - 5 percent per degree of excessive energy consumption

warnings and alarms

Warnings are sent by e-mail, Notification, or SMS (text). Alerts are sent if no data is registered in the cloud server within two hours, also if a sensor temperature is outside the customer-defined temperature interval for each sensor

Calibration and
control measuring

ThermIT recommends the control measurement of sensors every three years. The customer can rent an accreditated control sensor, and the system can do this work automatically at the customer's facility

API - Webinterface

All data is stored in the cloud server and can be extracted via API interface for use with external HACCP systems


The web portal is straightforward to use, and there are free numbers of logins. On the iPad dashboard, it is effortless to register notifications if something is wrong. Alarms on a mobile phone link directly to the warning system in the database for easy editing and changing the warning setup.

Global customer presence

ThermIT products are now used in 11 countries worldwide: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, New Zealand, Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Mauritius.


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