Digital temperature monitoring and logging at the Pharmacy

Safe storage and transport of medicines

Digital temperature monitoring and logging

Pharmacists must measure temperatures regularly to ensure that temperature-sensitive medicines are stored correctly by the Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s directives.

Wireless temperature sensors must also be measured once a year, and the sensors must be stress-tested to ensure that there are alarms in the event of a drop in temperatures.

ThermITs digital wireless temperature logging system with monitoring can solve these tasks for the pharmacies, so any manual work with this is eliminated as much as possible so that the staff can concentrate on the customers and other essential tasks.

Digital temperature logging starter kit
Annual sensor accreditation

Accredited sensor control measurement
every 12 months
- on site

ThermITs solution also includes a function for handling control measurements once a year. We inform the pharmacy that now is the control measurement time of sensors, and we then rent out a DANAK accredited sensor to the pharmacy. Then the system can carry out the control measurement itself and automatically create documentation on this. 

The pharmacy needs to put the control sensor and target sensor together so that the process can be activated. 

  • When the control measurement is finished, a message is sent by email and SMS, whether it is OK or NOT, and 
  • then the control sensor needs to be moved to the next target sensor.

Medicine transport

We can supply this logger for medicine transport, which can log temperatures down to every 15 minutes. 

When the logger returns from the trip, all temperatures are uploaded to the servers automatically. The documentation is stored for five years. (Spec.)

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Digital temperature Sensor logging during transport
"I use ThermITs solution. It is a great advantage for me, because I always have an overview of how the temperature is in the different places that are measured. If something is wrong, I immediately get a text message that the temperature does not fit. For example, if there is a refrigerator, which is not closed properly, you will receive an SMS if the temperature exceeds eight degrees"
Brian Sforzini
Pharmacy Skagen, Aalbæk