Wireless temperature logging and documentation in care- and elderly centers

Monitors the temperature in fridge, freezer, hot food reception and transport

Care- and elderly center

Suppose you are a nursing home manager and would like to “release warm hands” to your residents and ensure less food waste and temperature logging of all your refrigeration and freezing units. In that case, ThermITs wireless temperature logging system with monitoring is the right solution for you.

A solution for you can consist of one or more GSM or WiFi main-modules, depending on how many departments and floors you have at the care center. 

ThermIT Starter Package
Single Temperature Measurement logger
Digital cool-down temperatur registration

Cool-down measurements
(hot food reception)

Disposable measurements (hot food reception)

To document temperatures regarding receipt of hot food from a commercial kitchen or external food supplier, you can use ThermITs WiFi + One logger to your advantage.

The unit has an insertion spear that is inserted into the item to be measured. 

  • You wait 10 seconds and 
  • Then press the button for measurement 
  • You can now select one of 25 predefined texts 

The temperature is saved on the server and documented automatically with a saved report five years back in time on the server. “Spec”