ThermIT gives grocer more time for customers

SPAR grocery store
is satisfied with ThermIT

Dennis Bak is happy with his customers and busy days as merchant at SPAR, Nordens Allé 14, in Hjørring. Now modern technology from the Hjørring based company ThermIT is making some of his routine jobs easier, so he has even more time for his customers.

The 38 year old merchant from Taars is both a little bit old fashioned and a really modern merchant, who preferably would spend all his time in the store and wants to be up to date with all the new technology there is

"With its around the clock monitoring the system gives me peace of mind, since I get a warning via SMS and mail, when a fridge stops working in the middle of the night. With ThermIT I also get approved, automatic, digital documentation I can use for the food authority's controls and of course I can skip the manual reading and logging".

He has been self-employed merchant in SPAR on Nordens Allé since 2013 and had already been manager of the local Lidl as a 23-year-old.

Dennis Bak has more time for his customers through ThermITs automatic reading and logging.

Avoid large food losses

Dennis Bak has invested in ThermITs wireless temperature monitoring system to improve food safety, to reduce food waste and to save power by being able to adjust the coolers’ and freezers’ temperatures really precise.

” I work three out of four weekends every month and like to be there every Sunday, when we order goods. That is how I like it best and not because I don’t trust my employees – on the contrary, they are really competent and some of them have been with us for a long time – but I just like to be at the store, the merchant tells.

– I think, it is great to be self-employed and I definitely have found the right job for myself.  I am really happy to be a merchant and enjoy the direct contact with the customers. I also feel like the customers really appreciate the good, personal service we provide in our store. We have many regular customers and our employees get a lot of praise for the great service.

With the different challenges during the Covid pandemic the merchant offered his customers the possibility to order and collect their products.

– They can call, send a text or write an e-mail, then we pack their products and bring them directly to their car outside the store. They pay with Mobile Pay. We have gotten a lot of praise for this system and we even has customers baking cakes to thank us for the great service.

SPAR is a part of the Dagrofa-chain, which means Dennis Bak has access to all the chain’s products, which among others also MENY is a part of.

– Even though we are a part of the SPAR-chain, we are a little bit different and independent. We decide on our product range, which I try to adjust to the customers’ wishes all the time. We have a lot of different products for competitive prices, starting with bake-off rolls in the morning, to Skagen-herring for lunch, to meat from SPAR’s competent butchers for dinner.

– Our wine department combined with the beer and soft-drink department is big with a nice selection and we also get a lot of praise for our fruit and vegetable department. In addition, we have pretty much everything for old, young and even pets plus we also work as a lottery shop and postal office, Dennis Bak tells.

Including himself there are 10 employees in the store, which is open seven days a week from 7am to 9pm. The customer base is big with the store located centrally in a residential area across Lundergaardhallen in Hjørring’s west village.

ThermITs logistics manager Steffen Lindgren Hansen explains merchant Dennis Bak how the system works.

Discreet 24/7

ThermIT discreetly monitors around the clock.

Digital sensor

Digital sensor placede in cooler.

Easy instalt

ThermITs Logistics Manager Steffen Lindgren Hansen installs digital sensor