WiFi One Device Log

Replaceable battery (3,6V)

Working temperature 35°C to +75°C

Access to WiFi network or WiFi hotspot, where the sensor is placed.

If the sensor can’t access a WiFi network, the data is logged, and then transmitted to the server when access to the WiFi network is reestablished.

Areas of application

  • Control measurement heat before serving
  • Control measures temperature-sensitive goods delivery
  • Sample control of hot food In Buffet

WiFi One Device Log

Description WiFi One

Technical Data

WiFi unit – Radio 

EAN 5712860200050 

WiFi: 2,4GHz 802.11 b/g/n 20MHZ 11n/13n 

Channels 1 x 1 


3,6V (Changeable) 

Temperature range 

50°C to + 150°C 


+/- 0,5° C (-1 C to +80° C) 

+/- 2,0° C (-35° C to +125° C)


Marking according to the WEEE requirements


EU declaration of conformity