Sensor Repeater Module

  •  This module is a sensor amplifier/repeater that can collect and transmit data due to long-distance or obstacles.
  •  It contains an RF receiver for transmitting temperature data from the sensors to the main module.
  •  Typically used if there are more than ten sensors distributed in several rooms.
  •  Incl. AC-adapter

Sensor Repeater Module

Sensor repeater Description

Technical Data

Radio frequency

433,92 MHz

Power Supply

AC 230/240V Inlet – Outlet 7 – 12V / 1.6A


1 for receiving data and 1 for sending data

Operating temperature

-20°C to + 70°C

Relative Humidity

Max 80% (noncondensing)


98 mm X 64 mm x 94 mm (Without antenna)


200 grams

IP Rating

IP 69 100% Waterproof


Marking according to the WEEE requirements


EU declaration of conformity