ThermIT Repeater module

Sensor Repeater Module

This module is a sensor amplifier/repeater that can collect and transmit data due to long-distance or obstacles.


The Repeater module is used in case of the need for amplifying the sensor signals to reach the Gateway module in the area.
The Repeater catches sensor signals in the area and forwards them four times to the Gateway module. The Repeater is not sending data out of the house.

Technical Data


Comm. frequency with sensors

433.92 MHz (ISM)

Power supply

230 Vac - 12 Vdc 2100 mA

Operating temperature

-20°C to +70°C


1 for receiving data and 1 for sending data

Relative Humidity

Max 80% (noncondensing)


98 mm X 64 mm x 94 mm (Without antenna)


200 grams

IP Rating

IP 62

Interval to Gateways

Every time it recieves signal from a sensor


Marking according to the WEEE requirements


EU declaration of conformity