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Co-owner & CEO & Sales manager

Ivan Lindgren Hansen

[email protected]

Phone +45 20 22 85 79

Co-owner and CEO and Sales Manager, and with many years of experience in self-regulation of temperature.

Co-owner & head of logistics

Steffen Lindgren Hansen

[email protected]

Phone +45 24 24 98 10

Co-owner and Head of Logistics, as well as with the responsibility for installing ThermIT solutions.

engineer & System designer

Jørn Højlund

[email protected]

Phone +45 70 26 66 62

Product Development Consultant at ThermIT with a background in the development of mobile phones and mobile services.

finance assistant

Jeanette Lindgren Hansen

[email protected]

Phone+45 7026 6662

Accounting assistant for buying, selling and contract management

Sales & PR-Consultant

Palle W. Nielsen

[email protected]

Phone +45 20592580

Marketing, content writing, as well as networking and sales at ThermIT.