IO2GSM Module

Areas of application:


Insertion sensor for measuring core temperature EAN: 5712860220140

Wired temperature sensor EAN: 5712860220086


Logging and documentation of food cooldown ec. in a blast chiller or monitoring of laboratorie samples

This unit is used together with the insert sensor. It will have potential to log the temperature for every third minute “default 15 minute” and  comply with the requirements for cooling of food processing.

It is also possible to connect a wired sensor, which is typically used in the process of preparing food and heat retention in a buffet. The wired sensor is also usable in special rooms where you want to have the temperature logged every third minutes, or when ThermITs normal digital wireless sensor can’t be used, in case of a bad signal coverage, or sourrounding frequency noise. 

This unit uses GSM network, if you are interested in WiFi solutions, check some of our other products, or contact us.

Technical Data



GSM Quad-Band (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz


230V AC - 12V / 2A DC


Has a small backup battery


620 grams

Interval to cloud server

Every 3 minutes to 24 hours


Up to 8 sensors