Customer case

TechCollege Aalborg
uses ThermIT

The food department at TechCollege in Aalborg has been using ThermITs wireless monitoring of temperatures in cooling and freezing units with food for many years. Both to improve food safety, to save time and power and to reduce food waste. 

"We had problems with freezers before and that meant a lot of wasted food and equally money. It was really unpleasant to show up to a completely defrosted freezer filled with expensive meat, which now only could be thrown out" chief instructor at TechCollege Food, Heinrich Christiansen tells.

He is chief instructor for several different trainings, like restaurateur, smørrebrød and catering, gourmet butcher, baker, waiter, dieting assistant and receptionist.

"With ThermITs temperature monitoring we get a warning via SMS and email, if a freezer or fridge stops working and the temperatures therefore get out of control. This helps us safe a lot of money and we can also reduce food waste" the chief instructor explains.

Heinrich Christiansen og Peter Madsen are happy with ThermIT.
Manager Dennis Christensen.

ThermITs system monitors the temperature during the delivery of goods to the whole food department and among others the butcher department and the shop. There also are sensors in the fridges in the trainee shop and the big cold store.

"It is great to have this digital system to among others document for the food authorities, that we are storing the produce at the right temperature. All the data gets saved in the cloud and can easily be found, and the authorities are satisfied" manager Dennis Christensen tells.
"The monitoring is also good for finding potential problems with our older coolers and freezers, so we can contact the technician early on to get it fixed and as a result also save power" the manager says.

The system is also used in the canteen kitchen, where chef Peter Madsen and his colleagues make between 1000 and 1200 meals every day.

“ThermIT helps us a lot with our daily work and the system also provides safety over the weekends or holidays, when we are closed. We also use it for educational purposes, where we utilise ThermITs system to show the pupils how to improve food safety, the chief instructor states”.

Young people from all over the country wish to get their education here. They will gladly drive from all over Denmark past all the other schools to be educated here in Aalborg. We notice with joy, that many competent young people get their education here. We have the best training and students leave with professional expertise, when finished” Heinrich Christiansen tells.

The wireless temperature monitoring from ThermIT automatically and accurately reads the temperatures in coolers and freezers, logs all the data in the cloud and gives the user direct access to all data up to five years back. It is no longer necessary to read and protocol the temperatures manually.

The user can adjust the reading interval himself, add recipients of alarms and more. With the electronic system it is really easy to document and present the temperatures, when the food authorities come for a visit. Everything can be found online and the use of paper is no longer necessary with this sustainable solution, thereby also letting the environment benefit from the system.

TechCollege is planning on expanding the food department, which will also change the canteens daily routine, since all of the schools canteens will be collected into one with the main base on Rørdalsvej in Aalborg, which then is supposed to deliver to the school’s other addresses.

Chef Peter Madsen in school´s canteen kitchen
Chief instructor Henrich Christiansen.


TechCollege wants to create a canteen, which both secures healthy and tasty food for the schools 10.000 trainees, 1000 pupils and 650 employees and at the same time can work as an active case in the training.

There are about 2300 daily servings for the trainees at the boarding school. TechCollege is one of the biggest vocational schools in Denmark. The school offers a broad selection of trainings (EUD) for young people, who want to qualify themselves for anything from mechanic to hairdresser to IT support. In addition the school also has a selection of EUX-trainings for those, who would like both a manual and a deeper theoretical education, like you can get at the Aalborg Tekniske Gymnasium (HTX). 

TechCollege furthermore offers continuing education for both unemployed and employed people in the private and public sector.
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