Region Nordjylland

Transportation of medicine and blood samples

Blod samples monitored by ThermITs digital system

It is utterly important that the temperature is accurate both during the transportation of medicine, and when Region Nordjylland picks up blood samples from the doctors’ offices in the whole region twice a day.

A smart and wireless system provided by Vibocold and manufactured by ThermIT monitors the temperatures in 23 cars, when Region Nordjylland transports blood samples from doctors’ offices to labs and delivers medicine to five hospitals in North Jutland

"The blood samples must only be transported for six hours at a time and there can be many stops on one drive. When driving from Skagen for example, we actually have to divide the trip into two, Per Juul explains, dispatcher for Region Nordjylland"

"Every morning I log onto the system and check whether everything is as it is supposed to. It is easy for me to work with and control and is really reliable".

Dispatcher Per Juul, Region Nordjylland, is happy with ThermIT

There are strict requirements as to how to transport such goods. The temperature in the air-conditioned compartment always has to be 21 degrees Celsius, only allowed to vary with 1 degree; the ThermIT system secures that. It sends a warning via SMS and mail, as soon as the temperatures comes out of this range.

“If the temperature of a blood sample is too high the robot used to analyse it will reject it.

“We must be able to document, the temperature has been right during the whole transport. I get an email, as soon as something is wrong and I get a daily email with the temperature data of every car. It is a smart system, Per Juul tells.

He can also follow the cars’ drives through the region, so in case he gets an urgent call, where a sample has to be collected as soon as possible, he can see which car is closest and adjust its route.

Temperature monitoring systems from Vibocold and ThermIT are also used in the capital area, when the Københavns Praktiserende Lægers Laboratorium collects blood samples from the doctors in and around Copenhagen.

The sensor can be placed discreetly in refrigerators, freezers, in server rooms and as here in a car that transports temperature-sensitive goods. All data is registered automatically.
A main module in the car sends the signal from the sensor the cloud.

Region Nordjyllands Central Storage

The central storage of Region Nordjylland administers around 1.900 standard commodity codes, plus several other commodities upon request. This makes the central storage the link between recipients and suppliers.

Centrallager (central storage) Aalborg is furthermore responsible for delivering and placing commodities at the hospitals. The primary recipient of commodities is the Aalborg Universitetshospital, in addition several deliveries go to the other hospitals, doctor’s offices, patients who get care at home and the Greenlandic health sector.

Furthermore Centrallager Aalborg plays an important role in medicine transport and picking up blood samples from the different doctors. The main function is to handle the physical flow of goods in North Jutland in a way so the orderers experience the high quality standards and the effective delivery process.

Central storage in Aalborg is responsible for receiving the commodities, registering them, putting them away and finally sending them to the orderer. 

November 2018 Centrallager Aalborg became a part of the service organisation Logistikafdelingen (logistic department) from Aalborg Universitetshospital.

ThermITs cooperation partner and dealer Vibocold A/S, with their headquarter in Viborg, deliver among other things complete solutions regarding cooling and freezing for supermarkets and the industry, fridges and freezers for smaller stores and custom-builts for labs and hospitals. Vibocold is furthermore one of the country’s leading actors in portable cooling and freezing.

The sensor is monitoring blood samples in the climate box.