Wired digital temperatursensor

Wired Temperature Sensor

This is a wired temperature sensor, to use with our WiFi sensor or the IO2GSM module


A sensor with wire is typically used in the process of preparing food and heat retention in a buffet. It can be connected to our WiFi devices or IO2GSM module,  and measure the temperature within the range of -50°c to +150°c. Direct measurement is possible with a push on the button on the WiFi device, or within the djustable interval from 3 to 240 minutes. 

This sensor is also usable in special rooms, where our normal wireless sensor can’t be used, in case of a bad signal coverage e.g in metal containers or within steel walls, or if sourrounding frequency noise is a problem.

Technical Data


Operating temperature

-50°C to +150°C


+/- 0,5° C (-10° C to +80° C)
+/- 2,0° C (-35° C to +150° C)


164 grams

IP Rating

IP 67 Waterproof