WiFi Temperature logger

WiFi Temperature logger

24/7 Logging

Areas of application:

This device is delivered with a sensor mounted


Temperature monitoring, logging and documentation

This unit is used when you want temperature monitoring and logging according to your needs. The time period between the measurements can be adjusted from once a minut to once every 24 hours. It has a small temperature sensor connected. This WiFi Log unit is usable in many different places, e.g during transport of temperature sensitive goods, it can be placed in a refrigerator or even in a wine cellar.

If the unit does not have access to a WiFi network, it saves the measurements, until it is connected again. Data will be saved for five years.

The unit also works without the mounted sensor, as it has a built in temperature sensor.

Technical Data


WiFi unit radio

WiFi: 2,4GHz 802.11 b/g/n 20MHZ 11n/13n


WEP, WPA,WPA2 Personal


3,6V - 5,8Ah (Changeable)

Operating temperature​

–20°C to + 80°C


+/- 0,5° C (-20° C to +80° C)

IP Rating



105 mm * 45 mm * 45 mm


142 grams

Interval to cloud server

Every minute and up to one time every 24 hour