Teatercaféen Hos Uffe

ThermIT monitors refrigerators & freezers
at president Uffe Nielsens three restaurants

ThermIT monitors
temperatures Hos Uffe

The very famous restaurant owner, chef and president of Danish Culinary Team and member of WACS, Uffe Nielsen, uses ThermITs sustainable digital wireless temperature monitoring system in his three restaurants, Teatercaféen Hos Uffe in Hjørring and Café Vognporten at Børglum Kloster and Restaurant Den Gamle Smedie on Børglum Bakke.

" It is great to work with. It is easy for us, since we no longer need to focus on manually protocolling all these temperatures all the time"

Uffe Nielsen: It also saves us money since we need less power whe we optimize the temperatures, and it reduce food waste.

Uffe Nielsen says...

ThermITs simple system uses a smart sensor placed inside a fridge or freezer to monitor temperatures around the clock. It also sends the data right to the cloud, so there is no need for the customer to get additional software to store the data. If the temperatures are out of the desired range, the system automatically sends a warning via mail or SMS, so the user can move expensive produce or medicine to safety, in case a freezer or fridge stops working.

-Furthermore we realised, we are saving money. Sometimes when we just arrived home, we get a text saying we did not close the fridge or freezer correctly. Then we have to take off again. Being able to save our expensive produce, has saved us a lot of money.

-ThermIT does also save time for us, as we do not need to run around and check temperatures all the time. We can follow everything via a tablet, which we always keep in reach.

-Our younger employees also really like these modern gadgets from ThermIT, which actually makes temperature monitoring fun for them.

-Through assuring the right temperatures all the time, the user avoids the spoil of produce due to too high temperatures and by that reduces food waste. The system can also help to reduce power consumption.

-We can also save electricity with this electronic monitoring, since it helps us to control the temperatures a lot more precisely. We can save energy by adjusting our temperature settings to near perfection with the help of the really precise measurements from the ThermIT system.

A rule of thumb says that if a unit cools or freezes one degree too much then your power consumption increases by 3 - 5 percent.

Chef Uffe Nielsen