Customer case study

Gothia Towers Gothenburg

ThermITs wireless temperature monitoring system helps the kitchen staff at the mighty Gothia Towers in Gothenburg to improve food safety and secure self-monitoring documentation.

In Finland, Norway, and Sweden, ThermITs system is negotiated by Anticimex, who places the wireless temperature monitoring system named Webax Temp. Anticimex is a major international service company, which provides advice on food safety and pests control.

Anticimex installed the system together with the chef Krister Dahl at Gothia Towers, which is built as two connected towers.

"We are very satisfied with the system, when we get continuous updates to variations in temperature. It is a secure system that facilitates the kitchen responsible in working with self-monitoring."

Krister Dahl, Executive Chef in Gothia Towers, is one in the world to win four Olympic gold medals in cooking - Culinary Olympics.

Chef-Team Coach

Krister Dahl was swedish culinary-team coach and the first  in the world with four gold medals in what is known as the Olympics of cooking – or officially the International food exhibition Culinary Olympics.

He is responsible for food and drink in several interesting restaurants in Gothia Towers, among others, the one at the top on the 23 Floor, Restaurant Heaven 23 with a spectacular view of Gothenburg and with seats for 98 diners and 80 visitors at the bar.

On street-level, you will find the restaurant West Coast, which is open for occasional customers also. West Coast is a modern lounge focusing on ocean delights and locally produced ingredients. The restaurant has seats for 70 diners, which also has a lounge and a bar.

Gothia Towers can room more than 8000 people for meetings and parties in their ordinary restaurants, conference, and event rooms.

Gothia Towers is one of Europe's five largest hotels.

The Gothia Towers Hotel

There is now added a third tower to Gothia Towers, which also extends the height of the existing East Tower, building a hotel in the hotel, Upper House with about 60 rooms, a restaurant, and a spa & relaxation area.

In this way, Gothia Towers expanded with more than 500 rooms and offers a total of more than 1,200 rooms, making it one of the five largest hotels in Europe.

Gothia Towers’ vision is to become “The Global Meeting Point.” The place is today one of Scandinavia’s most attractive venues.

This magnificent place is located in central Gothenburg, close to the beautiful and exciting street called Avenyn, restaurants, and nightlife, close to Scandinavia’s largest amusement park Liseberg, Scandinavium Arena, and the largest science center Universeum. Universum in 2011 had 535,000 visitors, who amused themselves with science, engineering, and mathematics.

At the top of one tower, on the 23rd floor, of Gothia Towers you will find Restaurant Heaven 23 with stunning views of Gothenburg.