Customer case studies

Morten Kjær speaks...

Føtex Hjørring is a modern store, which always is up-to-date with innovations and everything the customers ask for in an often hectic daily life.  Føtex is also successful with the chains new concept ”Køb & Hent”(Buy and Collect), and the improvements always happen with a big focus on food safety.

At Føtex in Hjørring warehouse manager Morten Kjær decided to install the wireless monitoring system from the local company ThermIT a few years back, to keep track of the temperatures of a set of freezers and impulse coolers.

" It is a great addition to our existing system and with ThermIt’s smart and discrete sensors we can follow the temperatures via computer, iPad or smartphone all the time and can send a technician as soon as the temperature comes out of the set range, Morten Kjær explains."

Warehouse manager Morten Kjær is glad about ThermIT’s smart system, where a sensor monitors the temperature around sensitive products.

Avoid large food losses..

He uses ThermIT’s wireless temperature monitoring to reduce food waste, save electricity and as a safety precaution to minimize food loss in case of a broken freezer or fridge. The warehouse manager knows of several examples, where colleagues had to throw away big amounts of food, worth a lot of money due to failing freezers or fridges.

"This could have been avoided with a timely warning from a wireless monitoring system."

Morten Kjær is also glad about the fact, that ThermIT’s system reads and logs the temperatures automatically 24/7. Everything is saved in the cloud and can be downloaded easy and fast for the authorities.

The Food Authority welcomes the use of electronic temperature monitoring as it replaces manual routine tasks and makes the daily work for employees at grocery stores, hospitals, pharmacies, nursing homes and many more easier.

The new Føtex Køb & Hent (Buy & Collect) is the customer’s shortcut to their online product range including different food products and more than 12.000 products in total. Do your weekly shopping from home and collect your order from your local Føtex, when it fits you.

Føtex has been a synonym for a great shopping experience since 1960 and still is, both in the physical store and online. Føtex offers good service, competent employees and acts responsible towards itself, its customers, the neighbourhood and the environment.