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ThermIT works for Bone´s in Frederikshavn

Bone´s in the Havnegade in Frederikshavn is one of the many restaurants that work with ThermITs wireless temperature monitoring system, which, among other things, improves food safety, reduces food waste and can help save electricity with the right temperatures in fridges and freezers.

The manager of Bone´s in Frederikshavn, Daniel Mejer Kristensen, is really happy with the system as it makes the personnels hectic work day a lot easier with its automatic reading and logging, which is obligatory when storing food.

" Luckily we have a lot of happy customers at our restaurant, and with the automatic temperature surveillance we get more time for what we preferably do, which is providing the best service possible and serving the best food, Daniel Mejer Kristensen says "

Manager of Bone´s in Frederikshavn, Daniel Mejer Kristensen, is really happy about ThermIT’s wireless temperature monitoring.

Ole Søndergård, explains:

Co-owner of Bone´s in Frederikshavn, Ole Søndergård, explains:

– We have chosen to work with ThermIT, because food safety has the highest priority for us. Our guests’ health is essential, which makes it important for us, that we can follow the temperatures in our fridges and freezers, even when we are not at work.

– We get a notification via SMS and mail as soon as there are even the smallest anomalies to the set temperatures. This means that we can react quickly and can prevent the food from going bad due to wrong temperatures. At the same time we can save produce worth a lot of money, which makes the cooperation with ThermIT the right decision for us.

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